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Project UKRAINIAN BOOKS FOR UKRAINIAN CHILDREN - Children with Ukrainian books

We constantly receive requests for books from orphanages where Ukrainian orphans have found a home, as well as from municipal and school libraries that are visited by Ukrainian children.

We need your help to provide the number of books they need.

You can help!

By donating only 30 CHF, you will provide
a child with
2 books

These costs include

  • purchasing Ukrainian language books in Ukraine

  • transporting them to Switzerland

  • distributing them to the libraries


There are 82,976 refugees from Ukraine in Switzerland.

These are people who were forced to leave their homeland because of the war and threats to their lives and health. 

These people are cut off from their country and have no access to their native language or literature,

and, consequently, to their native culture.

Mother and daughter are a Ukrainian family who had to go to Switzerland and become refugees due to the war


In order to minimise their stress during their temporary stay in Switzerland, the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, together with the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, launched the

"Ukrainian Books for Ukrainian Children" initiative.

Ukrainian books


RETURN Association is a partner in the implementation of this initiative in Switzerland.

We implement an innovative concept of refugee integration in the host country. Based on this idea, the more we support the language and culture of origin, the faster people integrate and the less difficulties these people create. They feel recognition of their identity and can open up to the culture of the host country without rejecting or criticizing it.

Now, thanks to the Project, over 42,000 Ukrainians in 17 school and municipal libraries in 13 cities in 11 cantons of Switzerland have access to educational and fiction literature in Ukrainian!

Library with Ukrainian books


Getman Yevgen in a Swiss library with Ukrainian books

We received a lot of additional requests, favourable feedback and support.

Therefore, together with our partners, we decided not only to continue the project, but also set ourselves an ambitious goal.

Our goal is to deliver books in Ukrainian to the libraries of all municipalities where Ukrainian refugees live.

This is more than 1,500 libraries all over Switzerland.

Our aim is to make possible that every Ukrainian (refugee) in Switzerland have access to the literature written in their own language.

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