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1st standard Zewo

Public benefit status

The non-profit organization carries out a charitable activity.

2nd standard Zewo


The organization acts ethically and with integrity.

3rd standard Zewo

Governing bodies

The governing bodies meet their responsibilities.

4th standard Zewo


The board of directors comprises at least five mutually independent members.

5th standard Zewo

Vested interests

Vested interests are transparent and conflicts of interest are avoided.

6th standard Zewo

Separation of power

The board of directors and executive management are kept personally and functionally separate.

7th standard Zewo

Internal control

The organization has appropriate internal controls and a suitable risk management system.

8th standard Zewo


The members of the board of directors provide their services on a honorary basis. Appropriate remuneration is paid to employees.

9th standard Zewo


The organization uses its funds efficiently for its designated purpose and the associated administration and funding.

10th standard Zewo


The organization is designed to be as effective as possible.

11th standard Zewo


The organization has appropriate reserves.

12th standard Zewo


The organization is transparent.

13th standard Zewo

Annual financial statement

The annual financial statement provides a true and fair view of the financial position, results of operations and cash flows.

14th standard Zewo


The annual financial statement is audited by independent and professionally qualified auditors.

15th standard Zewo


Any investments made by the organization are sustainable and in accordance with investment regulations.

16th standard Zewo

National networks

Umbrella associations promote compliance with standards among their affiliated organizations.

17th standard Zewo

International networks

The fundraising organization is responsible for ensuring that the funds donated to it are used for their designated purpose.

18th standard Zewo

Fundraising campaigns

The organization raises funds fairly and allocates donations to the stated objectives and purposes.

19th standard Zewo

Data protection

The organization respects data protection and donor privacy.

20th standard Zewo

Fundraising partners

Responsibility for fundraising and communication remains with the organization, even when they collaborate with third parties.

21st Zewo standard

Fundraising calendar

Large organizations coordinate and regulate their fundraising collections according to Zewo’s fundraising calendar.

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