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"DANGER - MINES" sign on a barbed wire pole


A girl with a soft toy who wants to live in safety

One of the most important jobs that will prevent deaths and injuries from explosives is risk education.
Children are a priority group in this work.

2 groups of informing work 22 days per month

In 22 days they can effectively inform

44 schools = 9500 children

You can help by your donation!

The safety of 1 child costs 5 CHF


More than

of dangerous territories requiring demining have been identified in Ukraine.

170,000 km2

This is 30% of the country's territory.

The mined areas are four times the size of Switzerland and twice the size of Austria

Map of Ukraine with highlighted areas that have been subjected to mine contamination
Fenced area, mines, sign "Danger - Mines"

These are hundreds of thousands of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, aerial bombs, mortar shells and ammunition that have not exploded and are stuck in fields, forests, water bodies and settlements.

Thousands of explosive devices and disguised grenades were left in buildings, gardens, parks and vegetable gardens of ordinary residents, which almost every day claimed the lives of Ukrainians in the liberated territories. Musical instruments, household appliances and various things were deliberately mined before leaving Ukrainian settlements.

According to preliminary estimates, the period of demining the territories may be
up to 100 years


More than

live in this territory,

including more than

6,000,000 people

2,000,000 children

All these people, despite the measures taken by the State, are under constant threat of explosions

A boy in a hospital bed, injured by an explosion
A child injured in an explosion

Since 24.02.22,


211 people have been killed

442 injured,



13 children killed

54 injured


Boy at school, holding a sign "STOP Mines"

There are more than

in the territory, attended by more than

9,000 schools, colleges and other educational activities

1,800,000 children and adolescents

Until the issue of complete demining of the territories is resolved, one of the most important tasks is to carry out risk education on explosive hazards and training to prevent risks associated with explosive hazards.

This activity is one of the main components of mine action, which aims to prevent death or injury to civilians in general and children and adolescents in particular.


Our Safe Life for the Ukrainian People Project provides for:

Conducting mine risk education activities for the population living in territories that are at risk of mine contamination by explosive objects as a result of military operations

The task is to organise and conduct mine risk education for the population living in areas that are at risk of mine contamination by explosive ordnance as a result of military operations.

Awareness-raising will include lectures, videos, booklets, posters, outdoor advertising, social media and the like.

All these materials will contain information on the type and signs of explosive objects, rules of conduct and algorithms of actions in case of their detection, which, as a consequence, will lead to public awareness of explosive objects and minimise the risk of death or injury in case of their detection.

Event to inform people about the rules of behaviour when explosive objects are detected
A Humanitarian Demining Training Center giving a lecture on types and properties of explosive objects

Together with our Ukrainian partners, we have developed a comprehensive and innovative approach to awareness raising, namely, an innovative approach to awareness raising materials and ways of delivering the information.

Awareness raising is carried out simultaneously both in educational institutions, with materials and methods of information adapted for children, and in social service centres "Transparency Centres", which provide a huge range of public and communal services to the entire population living in these areas.

Thanks to this concept, the number of people who receive information about the dangers of explosive hazards increases many times over.

The first priority group in this work is the children

Conducting work to train specialists in humanitarian demining

The quality and speed of humanitarian demining activities in Ukraine is directly affected by the insufficient number of trained personnel.

As of today, 14 non-governmental mine action operators have been certified in Ukraine, with a total number of about 1,000 personnel.

According to preliminary estimates, the period of demining of territories could be up to 100 years, provided that the number of personnel involved in humanitarian demining was not less than 10,000 people.

In other words, a colossal work on training of specialists in humanitarian demining is ahead.

Demining training - training in the field
Field control centre of the Humanitarian Demining Training Center

To solve this problem, on the basis of the Humanitarian Demining Training Centre, which is licensed and included in the register of subjects of educational activity, the necessary specialists are being trained.

Since 24.02.2022 the Centre has already trained more than

150 humanitarian demining specialists

for 7 Ukrainian and 2 foreign mine action operators ("The HALO Trust", "The Mines Advisory Group").

Training is carried out in accordance with the Ukrainian educational standard, the national mine action standard and IMAS.

In addition, the Centre is able to carry out nostrification of the education of deminers who are ready to come to Ukraine to carry out humanitarian demining.

All of this set of measures will make it possible to create in Ukraine the necessary number of specialists that will be sufficient to carry out effective humanitarian demining of the territory of Ukraine.

Specialists demining an area using special equipment

Conducting humanitarian demining activities

In this task, we are working closely with state and local government officials to identify priority areas for demining that need to be worked on first.

In this area of the Project we are focusing on:

Providing pyrotechnics units with appropriate machinery and equipment, in particular demining vehicles and financing the conduct of their activities

Even those specialists who have the knowledge and authorisation to carry out humanitarian demining have serious logistical problems. There is a lack of operational vehicles, armour protection equipment (bulletproof vests, armoured helmets), explosive suits, search equipment, etc.

Ensuring funding for humanitarian demining activities

Humanitarian demining is a very dangerous and painstaking endeavour. It requires deep concentration and responsibility. Every minute of a specialist's work, despite compliance with all the world's algorithms and procedures, is every minute of the risk of losing a life.

That is why this work requires stable financing of each stage

A deminer in special protective equipment disarms an explosive device


Certified specialists of the Humanitarian Demining Training Center

For the implementation of this project, we have established partnerships with:

  • Ukrainian Association of Mine Action Operators;

  • HK Group (which is a certified mine action operator in Ukraine);

  • Humanitarian Demining Training Centre;

  • Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine;

  • Regional, district and local administrations and communities


  • Children and adults living in the dangerous territory of Ukraine, more than 6,000,000 people

  • Humanitarian demining specialists, who have the opportunity to study and improve their qualifications

  • Ukraine's economy, through the return of territories to safe economic circulation

A happy Ukrainian family in the field on safe territory
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