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Baufachleute diskutieren technische Lösungen für ein Projekt zum Bau von Häusern für ukrainische Flüchtlinge, die aus der Schweiz zurückkehren


  • Type of construction - New

  • Number of storeys - 2/4 floors

  • Territory area - 1.9 ha

  • Building area - 2604 m2

  • Number of residential buildings - 7

  • Degree of fire resistance of the buildings - V

  • Number of residents - 476/952 persons

  • Construction category - CC1

  • Lifetime of exploitation - 100 years

Top view of the housing complex to be built for Ukrainian refugees wishing to return to Ukraine from Switzerland


Load-bearing walls made of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), externally insulated and covered with weatherproofing facade boarding, inside - inside - plasterboard withputtying
and painting.

Flooring consists of load-bearing
CLT panels, insulation boards, laminate and tiles in the bathroom.

PVC double glazed windows (3 cavities).
The facade of one of the houses that will be built for Ukrainian refugees returning home from Switzerland



Bed with mattress and electrical outlets on both sides.


Bed, desk, chair.


Two burner electric oven, hob, extractor fan, refrigerator,
4 x 600 mm kitchen units, table and 4 chairs.


WC, bath with mixer tap and shower, sink with mixer tap and mirror, boiler, toilet paper holder, heated towel rail.
Curtain rails over windows, lighting outlets, electrical sockets, electric radiators and Wi-Fi router are installed.
A bed in the bedroom of one of the apartments for Ukrainian refugees who will return home from Switzerland
Furniture in an apartment for Ukrainian refugees returning home to Ukraine
Kitchen furniture in an apartment for Ukrainian refugees who want to return home
Furniture in the bathroom of an apartment for Ukrainian refugees who will return home from Switzerland


INCLUDING (2 floors):

1-bedroom flats

84 * 28.9 m2 = 2427.6 m2

2-bedroom flats

28 * 38.5 m2 = 1078 m2

INCLUDING (4 floors):

1-bedroom flats

168 * 28.9 m2 = 4855.2 m2

2-bedroom flats

56 * 38.5 m2 = 2156 m2

A sports field on the lawn of a complex to be built in Ukraine for refugees returning home from Switzerland


Specialists install solar panels on the roof of a housing complex
Optional installation of solar panels and geothermal heating pumps to reduce energy and operating costs.
The use of solar energy provides many benefits,
the main ones being:
  • Free electricity;
  • Quietness. A solar power plant is completely silent;
  • Long service life. Guaranteed up to 25 years;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Space-saving rooftop installation;
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar panels produc no harmful emissions.
Main advantages of geothermal heat pumps:
  • Lowest heating and maintenance costs;
  • Longevity and reliability (over 20 years);
  • Efficient heating of large objects in terms of area;
  • Can be used for hot water supply;
  • Can be used with underfloor heating and radiator systems;
  • Can be installed in conjunction with a traditional heating system;
  • Pump efficiency does not depend on outdoor temperature;
  • Savings on heating costs of up to 80%
Geothermal heat pumps installed near the house
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