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Schweizer Flagge vor einem Hintergrund von Schweizer Häusern und Bergen


Initially, Switzerland planned to receive

29,000 refugees from Ukraine.

82,976 refugees in Switzerland

There are now
  • Refugees have nowhere to stay;

  • The cantons no longer accept them;

  • Serious maintenance costs;

  • Difficulties with adaptation and integration;

  • Social conflicts;

  • Political controversy over the refugee issue.

Living together under the same roof  is

"not without its difficulties"

The cantons are overcrowded (Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Ticino). The canton of Aargau has declared a state of emergency. There is a shortage of staff and especially of accommodation.

Housing is running out - there is nowhere to settle. 
Around 7,000 refugees are housed in federal asylums. Army halls had to be turned into temporary accommodation for refugees in order to create more places.

There are not enough reserves of accommodation.

82,976 Ukrainian refugees

are already in Switzerland
by July 2023
One refugee from Ukraine is allocated 

1,750 CHF a month

Switzerland spends more than 

145.2 million CHF
a month on refugees

Since the start of the war, Switzerland has spent on Ukrainian refugees

1.5 billion CHF

(Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis)

Ignacio Cassis stands next to the Swiss flag
More than

25,000 Swiss families

have taken in Ukrainians.

At the same time, many Ukrainians cannot find themselves in Switzerland and struggle to adapt. 

They want and are ready to return to their homeland right now, but they cannot.

Their homes are destroyed, or there is active fighting in their region, or it is dangerous to live there for other reasons.

Ukrainian refugees with a Ukrainian flag in Switzerland


For 68 people, Switzerland spends 119,000 CHF per month.

The cost of building of one housing for 68 people in Ukraine is 1,000,000 CHF, which is the equivalent of the cost of stay of 68 refugees with protection status S in Switzerland

for 8,5 months.

For 476 people, Switzerland spends 833,000 CHF a month.

The cost of building a complex (7 houses) is 7,000,000 CHF, equivalent of the cost of stay of 476 refugees with protection status S in Switzerland for 8,5 months.

Switzerland has extended the special legal status and support measures for Ukrainian refugees until March 2024, that is 15 months from January 2023.

If no action is taken to help Ukrainians return home, Switzerland will spend at least 2 billion CHF over the mentioned period.


Switzerland spends 8,568,000 CHF per month to finance the stay of  4,896 refugees. For 15 months the cost is

128,520,000 CHF.

The construction cost of the residential complex for this number of people is 72,000,000 CHF.

The payback period is 8,5 months.

Building the entire residential complex in Ukraine can allow Switzerland to save more than 56,500,000 CHF

Map of Switzerland

Switzerland helps Ukrainians return to safe regions
of their homeland

It strengthens Switzerland's positive role on the global geopolitical stage.

Cantonal social services are relieved and the burnout crisis among social workers can be faced.

Equally important is the social role of the project

The hardships of forced emigration are significantly reduced contributing to a harmonious "living together" between Swiss and Ukrainian nationals
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